May 26 Gwyneth Moreland & Misner & Smith, Caspar Community Center, Caspar, CA

June 9 Navarro-by-the-sea, Captain Fletcher's Inn, Navarro Beach, CA

Sept 1 Beer Bison & Bluegrass with The Mendocino Quartet, Fort Bragg, CA

Oct 13 Odd Fellows Hall, Davis CA with The Mendocino Quartet

"Gwyneth’s songs have a strength showing both sense of place and an ability to tell a story. Her voice has a power which brings her songs to life and makes her a compelling performer.” 
—  Bill Wagman, KDVS/ Davis, CA

“Blessed with a great voice, terrific songwriting ability and an extremely pleasant way of presenting a song, Gwyneth’s new release is sure to please.” 
—  Bill Bowker, KRSH/Santa Rosa, CA