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April 14,15 Rural Health Rock with The Mendocino Quartet Ukiah, CA

April 22 Children's Music Show at Preston Hall, Mendocino

April 28 Nature Fest at The Hopland Research and Extension Center, Hopland, CA

May 26 Gwyneth Moreland & Misner & Smith, Caspar Community Center, Caspar, CA

June 9 Navarro-by-the-sea, Captain Fletcher's Inn, Navarro Beach, CA

Sept 1 Beer Bison & Bluegrass with The Mendocino Quartet, Fort Bragg, CA

"Gwyneth’s songs have a strength showing both sense of place and an ability to tell a story. Her voice has a power which brings her songs to life and makes her a compelling performer.” 
—  Bill Wagman, KDVS/ Davis, CA

“Blessed with a great voice, terrific songwriting ability and an extremely pleasant way of presenting a song, Gwyneth’s new release is sure to please.” 
—  Bill Bowker, KRSH/Santa Rosa, CA