"Gwyneth Moreland offers a Folk sound to widen the appeal of California Country as she lightly steps down “Broken Road” and floats in dreams of round apple orbs cascading into “Cider” for the title track."
- The Alternate Root


April 14,15 Rural Health Rock with The Mendocino Quartet Ukiah, CA
April 22 Children's Music Show at Preston Hall, Mendocino
April 28 Nature Fest at The Hopland Research and Extension Center, Hopland, CA
May 26 Gwyneth Moreland & Misner & Smith, Caspar Community Center, Caspar, CA
June 9 Navarro-by-the-sea, Captain Fletcher's Inn, Navarro Beach, CA
Sept 1 Beer Bison & Bluegrass with The Mendocino Quartet, Fort Bragg, CA