We shot this special session with Gwyneth Moreland to celebrate the release of her new album, Cider, on Blue Rose Music. We snuck away from Folk Alliance International for one magical night in a warren of underground caves beside the Missouri River; this particular cave is home to S.D.

Mendocino Quartet (Gene Parsons, David Hayes, Steven Bates,Gwyneth Moreland) performing Gwyneth's Song "Movin' On" at the Sequoia Room, North Coast Brewing Co, Fort Bragg, CA. 

Live on KOZT The Coast 95.3FM on 1/5/17. Gwyneth Moreland joined in the studio by Gene Parsons, David Hayes, Morgan Daniel and Steven Bates play The California Zephyr.
Back porch Auld Lang Syne - Gwyneth Moreland and Skyler Hinkle (Mendocino, CA) 2017.

"Broken Road" is the 2nd single off of Gwyneth's upcoming album Cider. Watch her perform the song live at the Blue Rose Music studios.

Gwyneth Moreland performs "The California Zephyr" the leading single off her debut label album LIVE at the Blue Rose Music headquarters in northern California. 'Cider' is available everywhere April 21st. Written by Gwyneth Moreland.

Live on KOZT The Coast 95.3FM 1/5/17. Gwyneth Moreland performs title track off of upcoming album "Cider" due out 4/21/17 (Blue Rose Music). 

Gwyneth Moreland performing "Slaughterhouse Gulch", the single off Ceilings Floors and Open Doors. Recorded live in the Abalone Room at Little River Inn, Littleriver, CA, on November 8, 2014. David Hayes accompanies her on bass. Video by Garth Hagerman